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playbook nhcWelcome to The Playbook ... a collection of tools you can use to begin discovering God's plan for your life. If you use these tools, you'll be better equipped to see God's thumbprint on your life, which will give you clues to his plan for you.

NOTE: There are plenty of tools available other than these, so feel free to use anything else you'd like. But please use something. No tool is perfect. Bear that in mind while you invest time in seeking God's will. And please don't forget to pray... no tool can replace direct communication with God. They're simply designed to help you see patterns of his work in your life.

My Gifts
Spiritual Gifts are special talents and/or abilities given to you by God through the Holy Spirit. Short tests/surveys are helpful in pointing us in the right direction. While no test is perfect and final, it's a good first step. Click here to take an online test, and make sure you watch the short 1.5 minute video to get a sense of what the "test" is all about.

My Heart
Here's a worksheet taken from Rick Warren's class that helps people discover their ministry in a local church. The questions focus on your passions & personality, both of which are given to you by God.

My Abilities
This worksheet was also taken from Rick Warren's ministry discovery class. These few pages help you identify the talents you have. This is important, because most people don't feel they have many talents.

My Story
This one page worksheet helps you focus on your past experiences, which are all part of your story and shape who you are today. Those all impact where your ministry will be most significant.

My Plan
This is the most extensive of these sections. Here is a downloadable PDF, which is a "step-by-step guide for designing the life you've always wanted" written by Michael Hyatt. By this point, we assume the "life you've always wanted" involves serving God. If you're serious about discovering a plan for living a life that serves God well, thish is a place to start.

We pray you'll invest some time into this process. Again, these are not the only (maybe not even the best) tools available. But any start is better than no start.

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